The International Conference on Multidimensional Finance, Insurance and Investment is devoted to the recent developments and applications of the Multi-Criteria Decision Aid tools in the field of finance and insurance. This scientific event disseminates recent methods and procedures designed to solve problems related to finance, insurance and investments formulated through analytical operational research models in a multidimensional framework that takes into consideration multiple conflicting and incommensurable decision objectives. The aim of this conference is to bring together researchers and practitioners from all over the world to discuss recent theoretical and methodological developments as well as new empirical results.

Given the popularity of financial portfolio optimization within the fields of finance and operational research, and a large number of active researchers, the idea of organizing an international workshop on multi-attribute portfolio selection (MAPS) was initiated in Helsinki in 2005 and chaired by Pekka Korhonen. The second edition of this scientific event took place in Montreal and was organized by Belaid Aouni in 2007. The third edition was organized by Alejandro Balbas in Madrid in 2009. The international committee has decided to replace the MAPS workshops by an International Conference on Multidimensional Finance, Insurance and Investment (ICMFII). The 2011 edition of the ICMFII held on April 14-16, in Hammamet (Tunisia) and chaired by Fouad Ben Abdelaziz. The fifth edition of the ICMFII was organized on November 25-27, 2013 in Bahrain and chaired by Minwir Al-Shammari. The sixth edition of this conference took place on June 26-29, in Alcoy (Spain). The 7th edition was organized by the Technical University of Crete (Financial Engineering Laboratory, conference chairs: Michael Doumpos and Constantin Zopounidis) on May 10-12, 2018 in Chania, Greece.

The 8th edition will take place at International School, Vietnam National University, Hanoi, Vietnam on October 26-28, 2020 and chaired by Sabri Boubaker, Duc Khuong Nguyen and Hatem Masri. There will be plenary talks by invited speakers as well as contributed talks.



Stavros A. Zenios 

TopicInternational Politics and Policy Risk Factors 

Stavros A. Zenios received a PhD in engineering management systems from Princeton University in 1986. Before that he studied mathematics at University of London and electrical engineering with the Higher Technical Institute in Cyprus.

He is currently a professor of finance and management science at University of Cyprus, Adjust professor at the Norwegian School of Economics and Senior Fellow at the Wharton School, USA.

He published more than 150 scholarly articles in some of the leading journals in the fields of finance, management science and operations research. His specialization is financial risk management. He authored five books and edited seven with Cambridge University Press, Blackwell and Wiley Finance. He co-authored with Yair Censor the award-winning book "Parallel Optimization", Oxford University Press. His book with Patrick Harker on "Performance of Financial Institutions" was translated in Chinese. A list of publications is posted on ResearchGate with h-index 48 on Google Scholar and several prizes and awards.

He was a tenured associate professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and held visiting appointments at MIT (USA), University of Haifa (IL), Athens University of Economics and Management (GR), University of Bergamo (IT), Universidad San Andres (AR). He lectures extensively internationally. He worked as a consultant for the World Bank and several financial institutions in the USA, Switzerland, Italy and Cyprus (none of which is currently bankrupt).

He served on the Board of Central Bank of Cyprus and two 8-year terms as President of UNICA-Universities of European Capitals and Rector of University of Cyprus. His latest book discusses an agenda for political reform of Cyprus, PAPAZISIS Publishers, Athens, and is available as e-book at www.fbrh.eu/zenios.



A broad range of topics will be covered during the conference. Papers related to the following topics are suitable for submission to the conference:

  • Multi-attribute portfolio selection
  • Multi-criteria decision aid in finance
  • Multiple objective programming in finance
  • Stochastic programming in finance
  • Option pricing
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Asset and liability management
  • Financial economics
  • Interest rate models
  • Bank management
  • Capital budgeting
  • Finance applications
  • Corporate governance
  • Insurance applications
  • Auditing, accounting, insurance, and pension fund management
  • Fuzziness and uncertainty in finance
  • Financial planning and financial engineering
  • Quantum Finance
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-based Decision Making in Finance
  • All other topics in relation to financial decision sciences


Submission of Abstracts:
                                 April 30, 2020
Acceptance Notice (by Email):
                                 May 10, 2020
Early Registration:
                                 July 15, 2020
Registration Deadline:
                            August 15, 2020
Preliminary Program:
                     September 15, 2020




International School, Vietnam National University, Hanoi, Vietnam


International Society for the Advancement of Financial Economics (ISAFE) 

International Society on Multiple Criteria Decision Making.


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